Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle

Listen, Sis!

  • You believe in Jesus and you have read the scriptures but you don’t quite know how to apply His Word to your life that get results.
  • You know that you have greatness on your life and you sense that you want to make your election sure but something in you keeps holding you back.
  • You desire more out of life and you recognize you are different but don’t know quite how to express your difference to the world.
  • You feel stuck in various areas of your life and you want to accelerate, elevate, and become who you KNOW you are supposed to be.
  • You want to experience God on a deeper level and heal from some very painful experiences and break away from some destructive behaviors, cycles, and patterns.

If any of these statements resonated with you, you are in the right place!

My name is Quiana J and I am your Life Coach and Brand Mentor!

And I am curating healing spaces and activating healing journeys that break the power of limiting beliefs and psychological prisons that releases women like you to a deeper experience with Jesus Christ and higher expression of who you are as a daughter and what you carry as the fullest expression of the most High, King Jesus.

The Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle is my private mentorship for women who no longer want to be confused about who they are and what they carry in Christ Jesus. This space was curated for women who desire to heal from traumatic experiences and limiting beliefs, evolve & and express the fullness of their daughtership as a joint heir with Jesus Christ, and reign confidently in the spheres of influence they are called to.

My mission is to produce Kingdom women who are faith-walkers, Kingdom-decreers, and supernatural manifesters, who are unapologetically bold, brilliant, and creative beings confident of their worth, knowing that God has blessed them to empower this generation with their presence. But they cannot do that if they are bound by diabolic beliefs that keep them from BECOMING whom God intended for them to become.

My goal is to train and mentor ONE MILLION+ of God's daughters to walk in the fullness of their DAUGHTERSHIP by helping them:

  • deconstruct diabolical limiting beliefs, erroneous and manipulative Christian teachings, and strongholds derived from trauma that imprisons their life and obstruct them from fulfilling their prophetic destiny
  • discover their identity & daughtership in Christ which is the foundation to living a life by design instead of experiencing life by default
  • develop an intimate relationship with the Father that increases their hunger to live a spirit-filled life that yields healing and deliverance
  • deploy the glory of God and the oil on their life into every mountain of society so they can occupy and have dominion until Jesus come.

This space provides:

  • biblical coaching & mentorship using digital content, community, and accountability
  • a place that fosters deep soul work through themed healing journeys and topics
  • conversations, shared experiences, and experiential exercises that deepen our relationship with God, self, and others
  • prophetic insight, clarity, and direction so that you can break barriers and win in life (and in business)

We will cover a myriad of healing journeys and/or themed topics such as:

* Managing Triggers
* Overcoming Disappointment
* Navigating Self Esteem & Insecurities
* Breaking Through Shame
* Increasing Your Emotional & Relational Intelligence
* Deliverance from Imposter Syndrome
* Healing the Inner Child
* Confronting Poverty & Financial Trauma
* Overcoming Charismatic Witchcraft & Church Abuse
* Destroying Psychological Strongholds
* Working Through Dysfunctional Relationships
* Believing God for Greater
* Dealing with Rejection & Abandonment
* and more...


The Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle offers TWO safe spaces. Click the arrows to check out the subscriptions:

OPTION #1 For the Everyday Woman

Healed Daughters Space:
This is a safe space for women from all facets of life to learn, heal, and become who God intended for them to be. If you are looking for a prophetic mentor, someone who teach you and disciple you with biblical truth giving you strategies, help you develop actionable steps, and hold you accountable to your transformation, then this space is for you.

This space includes:

  • Access to the Heirs + Daughter™ portal that houses all the masterclass replays and all inner healing & biblical resources I create for this exclusive mentorship (workbooks, guides, frameworks, PDFs, etc) which compliments the monthly healing journey, the monthly masterclasses that help foster deep soul work that gets results . It also includes challenges that yield rewards and bonus modules filled with transformational content that compliment your healing process such as establishing boundaries, developing good communication skills, breaking habits, cycles and patterns, mental health techniques, self care strategies, and more.
  • Access to the Heirs + Daughters™ Telegram Messenger app, a community space consisting of groups and channels all in one place to streamline communications, discussions, and delivery of content. Groups and channels include:
    • The Main Lounge Group: This is the main living room group space for us to gather, develop organic relationships, build community, and stay connected with all discussions, updates, broadcasts, notifications, and more.
    • The Prayer Closet Group: Engage in prayer for others, post your personal prayer requests, and join me every Monday for our Prayer Call at Noon EST. 
    • The Podcast Channel: Subscribe to this channel to listen to prophetic declarations, inspired messages, and more to empower your everyday life on the go.
  • Access to our monthly Healing Masterclass, a LIVE teaching and training class that introduces and navigates you through the established journey for the month. It is broadcasted every 1st Monday @ 8 PM EST(Replays are available)
  • Access to attend the Deep Dive Group Session, a 2-hour immersive experience where we get to dive deeper into the healing work from the masterclass, allow God to release prophetic insight, and get any questions answered so you can get healing and deliverance in that area of your life. This session is hosted every 4th Sunday @ 6 PM EST via Zoom. (Replays are available)
  • Special Invitation to join exclusive healing sessions with guest speakers hosted in the Telegram app or via Zoom.


  • Monthly Membership: $47 a month
  • VIP Annual Membership*: $497 a year (Normally $564 / a $67 savings)
    • *VIP Benefit for Annual Healed Daughters includes one month free each year, 1 x FREE private inner healing life session per year, 1 x Heirs + Daughters journal as your introductory gift in the program, and exclusive discounts to all in-person and virtual Heirs + Daughters conferences, retreats, and events for as long as you are a current member of Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle.
OPTION #2 For Women Entrepreneurs

Branded Daughters Space:
his is a safe space for women entrepreneurs to learn, heal, and become who God intended for them to be PLUS discover, develop, and deploy their brilliance through entrepreneurship. 

If you are looking for a brand/business mentor, someone to meet with monthly to strategize with, help you develop actionable steps, and hold you accountable to your greatness, then this space is for you. Whether you are thinking about entrepreneurship or you are already an entrepreneur you need a space where you can, not only heal from limiting beliefs that are holding you back, but collaborate, network, and evolve with other Kingdom women who are also walking out their destinies in the marketplace.

**This space is only open to 12 women at this time.

This space includes:

  • Access to all of the features of the Healed Daughters Space PLUS
  • Access to the Heirs + Daughters™ Branded Content Vault that houses any online courses I create specifically for entrepreneurs, all replays from our sessions, and all resources curated for this exclusive mentorship (guides, frameworks, PDFs, etc) 
  • Access to the Heirs + Daughters™ Telegram Messenger app, a community space consisting of one entrepreneurship group called The b.HER Suite where we gather, develop organic relationships, build community, talk all things business, branding, wealth, success, and God, and stay connected with all discussions, updates, broadcasts, notifications, and more.
  • Access to our monthly, virtual b.HER Mastermind, a 2-hour space to learn about various aspects of our business and to gather, discuss, network, and collab as a working meeting and more hosted every 3rd Sunday at 6 PM EST via Zoom. (Replays are available)
  • Special Invitation to join exclusive entrepreneurship talks with guest Kingdom women entrepreneurs hosted in the Telegram app or via Zoom.


  • Monthly Membership: $147 a month
  • VIP Annual Membership*: $1,470 a year (Normally $1,764 / a $294 savings)
    • VIP Benefit for Annual Members includes two months free per year and 2 x 60-minute private brand mentorship sessions per year where we can tackle any brand development, systems, or marketing areas of your business



This is a very therapeutic space. I learned a lot about myself as well as patterns that I allow myself to continue to adapt to and it had become so normalized due to erroneous teachings and belief systems that were forced on me from a child to adulthood. This is a safe place for me to be authentic and free from judgment. My eyes have been opened and spiritual glaucoma doesn’t live here anymore. I’m an Heir and Daughter of a Dynamic Father and he loves me just the way I am - free from all condemnation and shame! I would definitely recommend this mentorship to anyone who desires to be free and truly walk in the promises of GOD for their destiny. - A. Parham

This group has been a real mind and game changer for me!!!! I too Timilah feel the same way. I’ve been cut open and things are being exposed about me. Stuff I didn’t know was there!!! Stuff I didn’t wanna deal but I have to now, I have no choice!!! The podcast was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I can definitely relate to some of those characteristics. This group has challenged me to become better and dig deep, and that’s what I’ve been doing!!!! GOD has been giving me revelation after revelation!!!! Sometimes I just have to sit on it a few days because it’s a lot, but I’m here for all of it. I can honestly say this is the group where you can become HER. - C. Jones

This has been an amazing transformative journey thus far. I have enjoyed the interactions and fellowship with the other heiresses. Pastor Queen has an awesome way of teaching that has helped me navigate through my healing process. The open discussion, real implementation techniques, and encouragement have been helpful and a blessing in my journey! - A. Henderson

I am so glad I obeyed the Holy Spirit’s leading to join the Heirs + Daughters Inner Circle because, in this space, so much has been revealed. One of my favorite things about this healing journey is listening to Quiana teach. Her teaching equips us to approach God’s word fearlessly and apply it to our lives in context. Through scripture, she is showing us how and why we are Heirs and Daughters and how knowing our identity is a vital component to advancing to every other part of the healing process. If you are looking for mentorship in the area of inner healing and a circle of women who are going the same direction, pursuing God and willing to do the work to be healed God’s way, you need to join! - T. Bond

Thank you so much Quiana! Thank you for all the prayers, challenges, event updates, fasting opportunity, & you pouring into us in the Heirs + Daughters Inner Circle!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ - S. Marie

My goodness. This is definitely timely. I have to catch myself from not being completely present in the process of a thing, but being focused on what I feel is the end result or fruit. I’m learning that the point of the assignment is mostly for my growth and in turn helping others in that process. I am guilty of always asking asking asking but seldom sitting and talking with Him and getting to know Him more like I would do a physical person. So I definitely have to repent. Thank you for this. These nuggets of wisdom are life altering 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. - N. Acosta

This is an on time word, Queen! I am currently in the stage of being still and waiting and trusting God. I am being made to trust Him. Thank you so much for this word! Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. - J. Reddings

It gave me a different way of looking at the Holy Spirit. Also, It helped me to recognize that I'm not crazy and that God is speaking to me. I am committed to reading the whole Bible again with a totally different perspective. Not doing it because it is expected or to learn a few verses to sound spiritually educated, but to really see how it relates to me and the world. I don't know if that makes sense. I truly enjoyed your session last night. It was amazing how you zoned in on so many things that have been on my mind. Thank You! - E. Wilks

Quiana J helped me unlock some things within myself that I had no idea I had access to. I’m so grateful that God allowed our connection to be a part of his plan. Every time I speak with her another part of my life is revealed. I prayed to God for clarity.. and he sent me Quiana! Her ability to connect the dots is mind-blowing. - N. Barnes


Q: I missed the last time the Heirs and Daughters opened. Will I have access to any of the former content? 

Yes. When you join Heirs + Daughters™, you will have immediate access to all the content housed in the portal including all replays, workbooks, frameworks, etc from previous healing journeys we have done. You can access this content and the current healing journey content we are about to embark on and navigate at your own pace.

Q: What happens once I enroll in Heirs + Daughters?

Once you enroll, you will receive immediate access to the Heirs + Daughters™ portal which will guide you through your FIRST STEPS which will help you get connected to the Telegram App where all the other ladies are hanging out, give you the Zoom information, all past content and replays, and other stuff that is needful for your journey.

Q: You have an option for women entrepreneurs called Branded Daughters. If I am interested in entrepreneurship, what does that look like along with the inner healing content in this program?

I am glad you asked. Yes, if you are an emerging or existing entrepreneur, you can get the best of both worlds by having access to inner healing coaching & content AND business coaching & content. You will have access to the general community of women who are in the healing community AND have access to the community just for entrepreneurs. As a Brand Architect who helps Kingdom women build Kingdom brands with presence, power, and profits to match, I have noticed frequently that it is their brokenness and trauma that hold them back from being the best version of themselves in the marketplace, so the Branded Daughters options are a double blessing for emerging and existing women entrepreneurs.

Q: Why are you closing the doors to the Inner Circle?

The Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle is not just a free-flow mentorship where anybody can join at any time. Every few months is dedicated to the introduction and implementation of a healing journey God prompts in my spirit. I purposely do not want women to join in the middle of a healing journey, so I will open and close the doors to Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle. The caveat is that I cannot guarantee when I will open it again because it is based on the work that God wants to do in that season. So, if you are on the fence about this but you KNOW that God is urging you to sign up, SIGN UP. The first step belongs to you and the rest belongs to God.

Q: What if I cannot attend any of the LIVE masterclasses or deep dive sessions via Zoom inside the Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle?

Sis, you won't miss out on anything because everything is recorded and will be available for you to work at your own pace. So, if you are a working professional on that good night shift or something comes up where you cannot attend the LIVE sessions, you can listen to it on the go or whenever you can. I want to make a huge point that you will only grow to the measure of your actions. This means it is easy to get into a group and not do the implementation work required because we have excuses that we lean on as a crutch. So, before you sign up, make sure you want to SHOW UP and heal, evolve, and reign in life. Your destiny awaits.

Q: What is the difference between Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle and the b.HER Society?

If you are not in the b.HER Society or don't know about the b.HER Society, click here. This is my FREE private mentorship group on Facebook helping women heal, evolve, and reign. I set a theme each month, go LIVE to teach on that theme, and host challenges and activities like the DecreeHER Prayer Session via Zoom. I also pop up sporadically throughout the week sharing my heart and the latest Biblical Bombshells™ or revelations of the Spirit. There is so much content laid out like a buffet in that space and you can eat what you want.

In Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle, it is similar except it is a paid group for women who want to go deeper. Maybe you have been in the b.HER Society and I covered an inner healing topic and you felt like you wanted to have a deeper immersive experience, more accountability, and more focus to be healed in that area. Topics like overcoming disappointment, navigating shame, experiencing God deeper, and resurrection from rejection just to name a few are areas I have taught on. God has given me frameworks, workbooks, etc derived from this content but it will only be beneficial for those who want to go deeper in their investment with themselves. So, in the Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle, I declare themes that may last for months, and these themes are called "Healing Journeys". 

Q: What kind of personal support does the Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle provide?

The Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle includes personal support from me as well as the other ladies in the community. We use a non-social media app called Telegram that has multiple spaces to be able to have organic conversations, develop friendships, and engage in specific activities and events. I purposely sought after an app that was not on Facebook or any of the main social media platforms so that if you ever go on a consecration or fast, you won't have to disconnect from the community. You can message me personally and email me for personal support. Depending on the membership type you choose, you may have 1 x FREE :60 inner healing coaching sesh with me. You will also have the opportunity to win some and/or simply book an individual session whenever you want. if you have questions throughout our time together. 

Q: What is your refund policy for this program?

Because you receive immediate access to the content once you enroll, there can be no refunds for this membership. If you would like to cancel, you can do so in the Stripe payment portal. Please note that you will lose immediate access once you cancel.

GOT A QUESTION? Feel free to email me at hello@quianaj.com.


The doors to Heirs + Daughters are scheduled to open mid May of 2024.

9 Modules

Module #1 | FIRST STEPS

Welcome all new Heiresses to the Inner Circle. Use this module to help you navigate through the FIRST STEPS like reviewing the rules of engagement as a member, frequently asked questions, member benefits, and Zoom info.


This module is the repository for all the monthly content. Simply choose the topic and you will see any masterclass replays, deep dive group session replays, downloadable content, and/or lesson activity you need.

Module #3 | CHALLENGES

Challenges are for the DAUGHTERS who want to go deeper, aim higher, and spread wider than they ever have before. All challenges are housed here and feel free to complete a challenge anytime you want. 


Wanna go deeper in your relationship with God? Join me on our monthly “Seek HIS Face” 3-Day Fast & Consecration that commences the 1st through the 3rd of each month. All the deets are inside this module.


This module helps you stay informed about all of our upcoming events for all member subscription types including dates for our live masterclasses, our deep dive sessions, reflection periods, and any other special events and registrations.


This module is the repository for transformational teachings that are not considered healing journeys but compliments your healing process, your personal development, and your spiritual formation.


If this space has been a transformational journey for you, share the wealth by inviting other women to the group and win gifts. This module gives you all the steps you need to take to participate.


As you work through the content, you may feel that you need personal support and there are a myriad of ways in which you can get this. View this module to learn more.


I would love for you to share with me how to improve your experience in the Heirs + Daughters™ Inner Circle. Click into this module and take my short survey.

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