Your Unique Prophetic Blend: Discovering Your Purpose, Calling, & Assignment in the Earth

"You are a custom order with custom orders!" You are a unique prophetic expression designed intentionally by God for the sake of revealing His glory. You are a distinct piece to the divine production of God's plan; however, if you don't comprehend your make-up, you will abuse your life and your gifts. Does this resonate with you? Do you struggle with trying to identify your purpose, your calling, and your assignment in the Earth.

I invite you to take a deep look into who you are by walking through 8 key concepts collectively called your Unique Prophetic Blend(TM) that will assist you with your conversation with God and increasing your discernment of opportunities and relationships that align with who you are and where God is taking you.

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Your Unique Prophetic Blend Masterclass

This section houses the masterclass video & the workbook to download.

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